Friday, November 11, 2011

More tiny paintings...

Short version:
Here's 5 little paintings I just finished.
They are now available in my Etsy shop, or contact me directly.

Long version:
I started 10 little paintings, a couple of weeks ago, and have taken photos, as I go. Five of them are Tiny- 2x2 inches
and the other five are 3x3 inches.

They are bright, cheerful, little works of art for
your work or home - they're inexpensive,
collectible, make great gifts and are easy to ship,

It takes a lot of concentration, working on such small canvases, and that's why I enjoy making them. By building up thin layers of paint, letting them dry in between, then adding more colour and detail;
I have retained the original texture of each canvas.
The finished paintings have been allowed to dry
(for at least 24 hours),

before I paint at least 2 coats of glossy, clear finish on them,
which is what I did today, so now these 5 paintings
are very shiny and complete.

The little ladybug painting and purple bird are now available in my Etsy shop.


Julie G. said...

Fantastic! These are bright, beautiful tiny paintings! It'a fun to read about the process and see the manner in which you work. Perfect art work for spring time!

Angie S said...

Thank you for your thoughtful comments Julie.
I truly appreciate that you took the time.
I've been reading your blog and enjoying your bird photos for a long time, but until recently, I didn't realize how rewarding comments can be.
Hop you have a great weekend :)

HandMade Gifts and Souvenirs said...

I love the contrast of the green and the white montains.Happy Easter!