Sunday, July 17, 2011

A double rainbow to remember.

Fishing off Ainsworth Wharf, Sat. July 16, 2011

After work, my husband and I were going to meet our friends at the wharf, before driving up to the Ainsworth Hot Springs for a soak.

We got there early, so Dave could get some fishing in.

It had been a lovely, sunny day, but it changed late in the day, and we watched as a storm blew in.

It got windy, it rained, got intense, it eased up and the squall proceeded up the lake, heading up the late to Kaslo.

That's when our friends arrived, and we noticed a rainbow had just formed.

It was nice to have the perfect spot and the time, to watch it form start to finish.

We scrambled for our phones and cameras, to capture this lovely rainbow

as it evolved into a double, then it completely arced the sky,

and withdrew into an intense glow of colour.

Simply stunning!

We were so glad that we were there to witness those few amazing minutes,

watching one of nature's creations.

Then we headed up to the hot springs, to relax, ease our aches, explore the caves,

and re-connect with ourselves and each other.

What a glorious day!


Julie G. said...

Oh my goodness ... absolutely breathtaking! My mouth was agape in awe when viewing your stunning photographs. A most glorious sight to see. Thanks for sharing such beauty!

Angie S said...

Thanks for the compliments Julie. Coming from you that means a lot to me :)
It was amazing to watch, and I'm happy to be able to share.